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9:26 a.m. x 2008-01-29

I was going to make an entry complaining about how my husband drove me nuts while he was laid off from work but I can't do that now since he did dishes before he left for work at 3:00 this morning. =)

Things have been rather hectic but are finally starting to fall into place. I can't remember if I wrote in my diary that we moved twice over the Summer.

The house we were buying got broken into while I was home alone, at night, with the kids. Nothing was stolen but things were placed beside the back door in the garage as if they were gathering things to steal but maybe heard the dog barking and got scared off. I remembered the dog acting like a maniac for a couple of nights but I didn't actually hear anything so figured it was because of another dog outside or maybe deer.

I told hubby that I was moving with or without him. I was not going to risk someone breaking into the house and something happening to my children while he was away at work for the week. So we moved back to town and while moving someone broke in the house again. This time LOTS of things were stolen. We found out who broke in the 2nd time. It was a young couple that lived two houses down. We've gone to court over it once and are waiting on another court date. Some things were returned but not even half of the stuff that was stolen.

We went back to the house to get our Christmas tree and decorations and a few more things right before Christmas and the house had been broken into AGAIN. This time the house was totally trashed and someone had a make-shift bed made in the basement. There were cigarettes on the floor all throughout the house and trash and who knows what else. I didn't stick around long enough to find out. Our Christmas stuff had been stolen so we had to buy all new. I really hadn't counted on our Christmas stuff being there but hubby wouldn't go back to the house with me and I wasn't about to go back alone.

My dad bought us a house just down the road from him. Since hubby works out of town and sometimes out of state throughout the week my dad wanted me and the kids close to him. This house is smaller but plenty big enough for my family. The yard is way big (more for me to mow..blergh) and I feel so much safer and happier now. Our bills are way less so that is definitely a plus in my book. It's very quiet here other than the train track nearby but we've gotten used to that... except when there is a tornado warning. lol!

The kids are great and are going to a new school. It was a big change for them because they had gone to the other school since Kindergarten. They are now making honor roll each 9 weeks.

"T" has had some issues with his asthma and sinus infections. Miss Drama Queen had Bronchitis a couple of weeks ago but is feeling much better. "C" is a tad taller than me and makes me feel SO old! =)

I've been having some "girly" issues going on. I'm worried that I'm perimenopausal or something. My "girls" are sore constantly. I have gone to the doctor for leakage from both sides. I had a mammogram and ultrasound done and everything looks fine but the "girls" are swelling up after ovulation until it's time for Auntie Flo to show about twice as big as I usually am. I'm having issues finding bras that fit and are comfy.

I've been extremely moody. Everything irritates me. I'm having hot flashes but then I get chills. Auntie Flo has been horrible to me though.. moreso than usual. I had an issue at Walmart where I gushed all over myself, the floor & toilet in the restroom and nearly passed out. I mean, it went everywhere. It looked like a murder scene before I got it all cleaned up.

I have an appointment with my female doctor Feb. 5th so hopefully I'll figure something out. I'm hoping it is something that can be easily fixed and not something bad because hubby and I had plans of getting my tubes fixed and trying for a baby or maybe two. So we'll see.

I suppose I should end this now and get my house cleaned up. I don't know why I bother since the kids are off school tomorrow and the house will be trashed again. o_O

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